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Our community is made ​​up of more than three hundred individual and institutional affiliates. Academic researchers, students, community-based researchers, artists, educators or practitioners specializing in history, sociology, communications, museology, arts, theater or anthropology: their diverse areas of expertise, knowledge and experience is impressive.



Anyone wishing to become an affiliated member of COHDS must read the Rights and Responsibilities document and fill out the online application form. New applications will first be vetted by the Centre’s Coordinator and Community Facilitator before going to the Co-Directors. The Co-Directors might invite the input of all existing core members in cases where a person is applying to become a core member of COHDS. 

All core and affiliated members must submit a short annual report of their activities by April 15 each year so that these might be integrated into our Annual Report. Members who have not been active in the previous year will cease to be an affiliate but are welcome to re-apply. Affiliates are expected to acknowledge the contribution of COHDS in their work when appropriate.

Please read the Governance Structure that explains COHDS' functioning and the affiliates' role.


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